Development and Implementation of integrated Communication and Fundraising Campaign on Early Childhood Development for UNICEF under RFP 18-01 (LRPS-2018-9138518)

21.03.2018 17:13


UNICEF office in Bulgaria invites you to submit a Proposal for Development and Implementation of integrated Communication and Fundraising Campaign on Early Childhood Development for UNICEF under RFP 18-01 (LRPS-2018-9138518)

The technical requirements are specified in the Terms of Reference.

The Price Proposal shall be prepared using the attached form. It shall list all major cost components associated with the services, and the detailed breakdown of such costs.  Any activity described in the Technical Proposal but not priced in the Price Proposal, shall be assumed to be included in the prices of other activities or items, as well as in the final total price. 


Candidates are requested to submit sealed technical and price proposals to:
UNICEF Bulgaria, 87 Dondukov Blvd., fl. 2, Sofia 1504
RFP “Development and implementation of integrated communication and fundraising campaign on Early Childhood Development for UNICEF in Bulgaria”
Attn: Ms. Teodora Mladenova

The Price Proposal and the Technical Proposal Envelopes MUST BE COMPLETELY SEPARATE and each of them must be submitted sealed individually and clearly marked on the outside as either “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” or “PRICE PROPOSAL”, as appropriate.  Each envelope MUST clearly indicate the name of the Proposer. The outer envelopes shall bear the address of UNICEF and shall include the Proposer’s name and address.

Proposals shall remain valid for 90 days after the date of submission.

Offers should be received by UNICEF by 17.00h on 5 April 2018. 

UNICEF shall not consider any Proposal that arrives after the deadline for submission of Proposals.  Any Proposal received after the deadline for submission of Proposals shall be declared late, rejected, and returned unopened to the Proposer. 

The proposal shall comprise the following documents:

 - Proposal submission form;

 - Technical Proposal;

 - Price Proposal (using the Price Template).

The Technical Proposal should include:

- Brief communication concept for achieving objectives listed in the Terms of Reference;

- Creative concept (key visuals, key messages, slogan of the campaign, video storyboard, etc.);

 - Timeline of the project;

 - Brief Description of the Firm/Company and portfolio. A list of at least three relevant projects in the last five years; Three References from key clients;

 - CVs of Key Personnel involved in the project.

All requests for formal clarification or queries on this RFP must be submitted in writing to Ms. Teodora Mladenova via email at Please make sure that the e-mail mentions the RFP reference number.  Only written inquiries will be entertained.

:: RFP (with Terms of Reference and General Terms and Conditions)
:: Price Proposal Template
:: UNICEF Brand Guidelines
:: Annex 1 – The Importance of the first 1,000 days
:: Annex 2 – ECD Communication materials

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