Request for Proposals (LRPS-2016-9133686) for a Study on parenting programs for parents/caregivers of adolescents in Bulgaria

09.08.2017 16:16


UNICEF Country Office in Bulgaria is looking for a qualified national organization/company to conduct a national study on parenting programmes for parents/caregivers of adolescents in Bulgaria 

1.) to build the evidence base on how parenting is understood and practiced by parents/caregivers of adolescents in Bulgaria;  
2.) to conduct a mapping of existing support programs for parents of adolescents;  
3.) to look at how individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural factors influence parenting practices.

The organization/company is required to have substantial expertise and proven track record in conducting qualitative research on issues related to children and families and solid expertise in adolescent’s issues.

Please find the following files attached:  
Terms of Reference and
Annex _TOR parenting of adolescents study_Bulgaria.pdf containing an overview of UNICEF Regional Study on Parenting of Adolescents 

The interested organizations should provide the following documentation in English:  
:: Technical proposal and time-frame;
:: Financial proposal;
:: Other materials or information that demonstrate the candidate’s expertise in the proposed field;
:: CVs of key staff.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit the above-mentioned documents by 17:00h on 30 August 2017.

SEALED proposal should be sent to:  
UNICEF, 87, Dondukov Blvd, Floor 2, Sofia 1504  
Subject: Study on parenting programs for parents/caregivers of adolescents in Bulgaria
Attn: Mr. Krassimir Dimitrov         

Offers received after 17:00h on 30 August 2017 or not containing all required documents will not be considered. The Financial proposal and the Technical proposal must be COMPLETELY SEPARATE and each of them must be submitted individually and clearly marked outside “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL”, as appropriately.  EACH envelope must clearly indicate the name of the PROPOSER.

Price proposal should be in BGN VAT excluded. If your company/organization is not VAT registered please indicate explicitly.

Technical proposals should be also send by e-mail to: No electronic submission of price proposals.

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