Basic training program for foster care specialists and teams

23.11.2016 09:59


The document is available in Bulgarian here.

Support to deinstitutionalization

08.10.2008 in Projects

One of the priorities in UNICEF Programme in Bulgaria is assisting the process of deinstitutionalization by means of ...

Prevention of Violence against Children

14.09.2007 in Projects

Protection from violence, exploitation and abuse is a fundamental right of every child and a priority area of concern ...

All Children Have Rights. Everyone Can Help

20.11.2006 in Projects

With the special participation of Dimitar Berbatov, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, the campaign is launched on 20 November ...


01.11.2016 in Projects

Joined bTV and UNICEF' s campaign Together for Every Child shows the results achieved for children in Bulgaria through ...

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